From the top:   2012 Opportunity quilt, veterans quilts by Dale Wagner, Mary and her dolls (2011 Quilt show), and Joe the quilter - one of our programs

Gateway Quilters' Guild

Executive Board

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Organizational Chart 
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 Executive Committee:
Coordinator of Member Services - Sherry Boyer & Barbara Scott
Coordinator of Program Services - Mary Ann Dailey and Faye Sutton
Coordinator of Information Services -   Priscilla Hise 


Opportunities Quilt Coordinator -  Dianne McGinnis 
Chairman of Biennial Quilt Show -  Phyllis Boyle

President -Louise King
President-Elect - Judith Dake
Secretary Megan Anderson 
Treasurer - Marcia McCarthy
Member Dues
Membership Booklet -
Sunshine - Jeanne Kimball
Librarians - Ida Escola
Happy Stitchers -Joan Rodriguez
Scholarship - Diane Swenson, Dorothy Kielty, Darby Minturn
Getting to Know You
Speaker Hostess
Block of the Month - Lori Nelson
Booking/Contracting - Mary Ann Dailey and Faye Sutton
Workshops - Mary Ann Dailey and Faye Sutton
Newsletter Editor - Carol Berry
Contributing Editor -
Printing - Dorothy Kielty
Collation/Circulation - Susan Anderson
Webmaster - Dorothy Kielty,
2012 Opportunity Quilt -
2013 Opportunity Quilt
Quilters Embrace - Kimberly Sterry-Farnham, Virgnia Wagner
Assistant Biennial Chairperson
P.O. Box 3793
Merced, CA 95344